Who is the crew?

The film is produced, directed, and edited by Miguel “VirGo” Aguilar.

Miguel is a professional freelance film and television editor who has worked for over 60 reputable companies such as ABC, NBC, The Discovery Channel, A&E, and HBO.

His showreel can be seen at www.knivesandspoons.com


Trail Angels on the PCT

The Cast & Crew


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Trail Angels featured in the documentary... more to come as editing continues!

Who is the cast?

It’s a cast of characters, for sure. The documentary covers interviews with trail angels along the PCT, PCT thru-hikers during the 2011 & 2012 seasons, and hikers from previous seasons who have thru-hiked or section hiked the PCT. The spirit of the documentary is to show the unique nature of people helping people and the effect that GIVING has on those who give and those who receive.

Girl Scout - San Diego

Bob Riess - San Diego

Scout & Frodo - San Diego